We strongly believe in safety at work. It is the base of our work.
Our technicians are continuously trained through courses and briefings.

The standard implementing Article 1 of law 3 of August 2007 No. 123, reformed, met and harmonised, abrogates the provisions dictated by numerous previous legislations on safety and health in the workplace that have been in force for nearly sixty years, in order to establish a body of law adequate for the technology and the work organisation system.
In the legislative area, given that in accordance with art. 117 paragraph 3 of the Italian Constitution safety is a competence that is shared between State and Regions, the name unique Text is amongst other things erroneous; Indeed, Art.1, Para 2 emphasises the compliance clause of this decree, or in the case of a person with expertise in the field of safety (regions) legislates in opposition to legislative decree 81/2008 which will itself become invalid in the area of competence covered by the legislative body.