We have one goal: make sure that the artificial light is in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The project is designed respecting the Artistic-Environmental heritage and according to the UNI 12464 standard. This establishes the terms of selection, evaluation and measurement of the photo colorimetric characteristics necessary to define the specifications of an indoor and outdoor artificial lighting system. When designing and building the outdoor facilities we comply with the L.R. 17 standard.

A new lighting technology has been developed recently: this technology is called LED (Light Emitting Diode). We design and install LED lamps, carefully assessing each environment and each installation.

The LED lighting offers:

  • duration of operation (the high emission LEDs reach approximately 50,000 hours)
  • no maintenance costs
  • high efficiency (compared to incandescent and halogen lights)
  • clean light with no IR and UV rays
  • ease of realization of efficient plastic lenses
  • saturated colours
  • possibility of a strong spot effect (almost punctiform source)
  • safe operation due to very low voltage (normally between 3 and 24 Vdc)
  • cold-start (up to -40 ° C) without problems
  • insensitive to moisture and vibration
  • flexibility of light installation
  • mercury-free
  • duration is not influenced by the number of on / off switches