Industrial plants

Your security is important to us. This is why we work closely with training entities to produce state of the art systems.

Our aim is to ensure that you do not encounter any dangers regardless of the industrial environment you work in, especially if the workplace is close to systems that transmit electrical current.
When working on plants we strictly comply with national and international electrical standards. Installations are implemented following only the most current criteria.

Electric cabinets

The company has an electrical cabinet technical department dedicated to the research and development of electrical and signalling switchboards and in the field of Telecommunication Systems.

The installation criteria are modern and assembly meets IEC 60439-1 standards.

On-board machine installations, process control

We develop modern machine on-board electrical systems for industrial automation and for any type of application. Thanks to the quality of materials and careful manufacturing, our on-board electrical installations are safe and reliable.
Starting from the selection of resistant and quality materials to the final acceptance tests our resulting on-board machine installations apply to all situations.

Our main goal is to provide safe and reliable on-board machine installations for the maximum satisfaction of our customers.
For the provision of customer service we only select quality materials and we use the services of qualified experts.

Medium voltage

The first step is to design the system down to the smallest detail. We provide the selection, sizing and coordination of electrical equipment, as set out in the CEI 0-16 standard. We install systems for the production, transport and distribution of energy for voltages above 1000V using modern and up-to-date installation criteria.
At the end of the work you will receive a Certificate of Conformity and a two-year maintenance program.