Electrical and Telecom systems for more than 50 years. But that’s not all.

The quality of our service revolves around a fulcrum: the strength and professionalism of our team.

Every action has a value: reliability, commitment, honesty, concreteness. We strive to always reach our goal: provide the best service.
To be reliable partners, we keep one secret: passion and respect for your business. We feel that our experience is at your service. This way we can take care of every detail. This is why in 2001 we obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 quality certification.
We carry out complete services: from design to construction of facilities, from testing to service and maintenance of the plant.

You can consider us part of your company. Each component of Prometti will work with you and for you:

• A technical director, expert electronic engineer
• Two experts industrial electricians
• A technician for the planning, construction and maintenance of Special Plants
• Seven technicians that construct the plants
• Seven employees responsible for commissioning the plants

We firmly believe that understanding your needs is the winning path to a great collaboration.
By listening to your needs we improve and refine ourselves, making each project unique.

What we offer:

• We carry out surveys
• We design the internal system from first steps to final form.
These are the reasons we can help you with any problem or change in plans
• We provide the final drawings of the plant
• We carry out consultancy and assistance services. We are not talking about only post-sale services. We provide practical help thanks to ten years of experience
• You will have a single point of contact, and you will be in touch directly via a mobile phone.
We will help you at any hour, every day of the week
• The functional aspect is combined with the functional and aesthetic aspects: all plants look good, not just the ones where design is an important aspect, as is the case of lighting.

Our story

Our story begins in 1957. Giovanni Prometti, after gaining work experience in another electrical company, decided to become a craftsman opening a simple company formed by Giovanni and his wife, based in a small shop in Bergamo.

After only five years, he left the material selling business to devote himself entirely to his greatest passion: the installation of electrical systems. With four employees and a good customer base, he decided to transfer his business to larger premises.
Always expanding, the craftsman Giovanni Prometti had now become an established company within the industry and in the territory. He transferred the business to the centre of Bergamo, to a hangar of 280sqm with annexed offices of 90sqm. His assets were 10 employees and an electrical technician.
In 1985 his first daughter Giuliana joined the company.
The company becomes G.Prometti snc and moves to the current headquarters in Gorle. Here Giovanni acquires an independent hangar of 480sqm with annexed offices of 70sqm. The company establishes itself as an industry leader with 16 employees and one electrical technician.
After acquiring over 8 years direct experience on construction sites Giovanni’s son Mauro joins the company. He helps his father with the entrepreneurial side of the business.
In the same year Giovanni Prometti is awarded the honorary distinction Knight of the Order of the Italian Republic.
This year an important goal is reached: G.Prometti receives UNI EN ISO 9001 certification.
Giovanni Prometti retires from the company, ceding his shares to the children Giuliana and Mauro, current directors of G.Prometti srl.
2007 was a magical year for the G.Prometti company. In November, along with employees, suppliers and customers, the company celebrates its 50th anniversary.
In 2010, the company became a KNX partner acquiring 2 technicians specialised in KNX Home Automation.
In 2011, G.Prometti is awarded OS30-OG9-OG11 categories SOA certification.

Our team

Organigramma Prometti